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August 01, 2005



Good for you, Tamar! And good for all of us who get to share your journey through your blog!



PS: I've been doing my blog for three years now and I still don't think I've quite "got the hang of it." So, you're light years ahead of me!


What an exciting internal trip you have had in the past 7 months. Good for you. And see you soon.


Congratulations, dear Tamar, your presence in blogland is strong, gentle and fresh - the word zephyr comes to mind.
Lovely wedding photo.


Thanks for the personal blogging-status report Tamar. And I liked your wedding photo very much. I see that Natalie has posted a comment above. I think it's interesting how our communities form, how we find each other here in blog-land, how we gather, what we share.


Mark, I said I *think* I'm getting the hang of it. So much for me to learn still! Thanks so much for your constant encouragement.

Leanne, can't wait to see you really soon and find out all about Taiwan, family, conferences - everything!

Natalie, I am very touched by your comments. I don't think I have ever been compared to a "zephyr" before. What a feeling! I can't wait to read our interview and see your illustrations. How exciting this all is.

fp, for me it is mind blasting how we all inter connect and form these blogging communities. Probably a bit like a dream come true really. Of course I'd like to use it as a pocket of light to drive away forces of repression and darkness as well but haven't worked out that one yet, except for the writing, sharing, awareness ...

Am pleased you and Natalie like my wedding photo. That made me smile.

BTW, I just loved your "remind me of Helium" today. I am linking to it here:


Frank, hi! Haven't been in touch since the collapse of Bloggers Parliament. Glad to run into you here. Yes, it is amazing how the blogging community is seeded, coalesces into units, grows new shoots - all effortlessly, organically. A whole new eco-system.

Tamar, see you later.


Great photo, Tamar, and great sentiment expressed throughout. It's interesting to see something that you couldn't possibly have done two or three years ago (A world without blogs... the terror...) ends up being such an important part of your life.

Who knew diaries and journals were more fun when they weren't secrets, kept under lock and key?

Keep up the good work!


Oh I know it! Imagine a world without blogs? I can't, I won't ... no, no, never again!

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