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August 23, 2005


Gemma Grace

Tamar ~ What on earth is 'swinking'? It sounds like one of those delicious innuendo words that, with the right hint of inflection and slight rise of eyebrow, could end up meaning just about anything mischievious ;)


I am the guilty party. I used it in a recent online Scrabble game with Tamar:

swink: to cause to toil or drudge; to tire or exhaust with labor.

Hey, I got a lot of points with that one!


I get all "swinked out" just reading it! One thing I must vehemently object to: "Blog longing". That sounds like you're already applying some mental distance and separation. We understand the dilemma and the strain. But we don't want to lose you for long periods. You matter. Your writing and words of wisdom matter.Don't say goodbye, just say "be back soon."

Swink - I'll have to remember that one for my next Scrabble game!

Gemma Grace

Swink! I'm going to see how many times I can use it tomorrow in a conversation. LOL Thanks Danny :)

Winston ~ When I read 'Blog Longing', I immediately saw - drop the 'log' and replace it with an 'e' and it becomes 'Belonging'. Maybe we could make up the word 'belogging' (as in the fashion of blurking) to mean belonging to a community of bloggers.

Adriana Bliss

I'm with you, Tamar. And I'm only part-time! Oy!


Take it easy, keep getting up to stretch - I'm sure you do...


Ah - I see how "swink" has reached us all in so many ways! Winston, am not separating - the blog is keeping me grounded and safe (will write about it/"be back" soon). Gemma, fun idea - the "belogging" I mean! Adriana and Jean, thank you for understanding this post exactly and completely.

Danny, I had hoped you would respond to the "swink!" By the way, it's your turn!

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