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August 25, 2005



This is one of the few reasons I miss having a TV


Yes I remember it well and was so glad I videoed this episode. Cos I wanted to go back and check the quotes. I loved the one about "burning mother in a small gathering" because her clothes have two different threads.

My Mother was a devout Catholic, yet on the eve of Halloween, the ancient Celtic festival of Samhain, all doors and windows had to be shut before dark and sharp objects placed before them to prevent the spirits of the dead coming in. I wonder what "President Bartlett" would think of that.

Ronni Bennett

I just saw this episode again sometime in the past few days. It's a good speech Bartlett gives, but I wish the writers had given her some responses beyond "no, the Bible says so." I think they wimped out.

It's still a great scene...


I enjoyed that scene too. There's also the closing bit about how one rises when one is in the presence of the President and sits when invited.

(I of course am of two minds about that bit since I belong to a little sect founded on the principle of not taking off one's hat in the presence of nobility, even so...)


Yeah, Frank, I just might be from the same sect because I so agree about not taking off hats to nobility ... for a long time have thought that things would be ever so much better if kings, queens, presidents and stuff would wash out their own toilets.

Ronni, I saw that episode on Monday night and it was particularly pertinent for me as I was considering dropping someone from my blogroll because of exactly what Bartlett was talking about - the timing was perfect!

Aine Livia, It is interesting the contradictions one almost has to get tangled up with to make a belief system "work!"

Jean, West Wing is fabulous! Too bad indeed!

Ronni Bennett

Frank and Tamar: Maybe I'm old-fashioned, but I still believe in standing when the president of my country is in the room to recognize not him (or her someday), but the office.

The same goes for hat-doffing - not just in the presence of nobility, but in the presence of any man or woman.

However, I will not - as I once had the opportunity to do - curtsy during an introduction to foreign royalty.

But as I said, I'm probably old-fashioned and out of touch about these things.


I don't know about the old fashioned stuff, Ronni. For me it is connected to being a Socialist. My dear Mar-Mar who took care of our infants was as important as any President. Her "office" as infant caregiver even more important, in my opinion. If we took our hats off to everyone for their important functions in our society - street cleaners and Kings and child care teachers and computer scientists - whoever contributes to our society ... for one cannot do anything without the other.

And yet [spoken with a twinkle in my eye] good for you! - I note that you would not curtsey for royalty ... pretty revolutionary I would say!

Hmm ... delicious ... look what you started, Frank!

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