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September 09, 2005



I think we should put GWB on a minimum wage and make him help clean up.

Yes, welcome to America, Tamarika. The biggest thing we have to fight as I write are negativists on our own side who think that this will just go away and we'll never get Bush out of our way.

I believe we can.


Yes, Joel! I love the idea of GWB on minimum age! It's a sweet, sweet notion.

As to getting him out of our way - from your lips to anyone's god's ears ...


I think he should go on a forced sabbatical.


I have started to see that "forced sabbaticals" are for good guys, Nappy40. I think we need something that isn't as fulfilling and energizing for him ... besides, if we put him in "time-out" will he "think about what he's done" in a way that is beneficial and productive? I think he'll just sulk ...


What about a layoff? Or perhaps he should just go on extended holiday and put someone else in charge?


Hmm ... that's scary too because who would that be? Cheney??????? Oy!


And he's worse!

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