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September 15, 2005



Perhaps it's just too early. Maybe I need another cup of coffee. Could be I'm not terribly bright. But Tamar, just what the heck is this?


Winston, if you read former posts of mine esepcially from February to May, you will see that I talk about feeling like I'm in a cave, locked away from the "real" world whilst on my sabbatical. It had all kinds of meanings for me. A search within, not belonging outside in the new Philadelphia with no friends and feelings of loneliness, and other things too.

This post is about: I am glad to be out, busy and working again, contributing to society, the community etc. and feeling part of the working world. But at the same time I long for space, hours of alone time, time to think, reflect, feel, understand, and, especially, time to write.

I appreciate that you are still reading my blog and care enough to ask. I know there is not much of me to read lately ... and I miss that too, so much, and so I am grateful to see that you are still there - supporting and asking.

Thank you.


Tamar, I think this is terribly healthy (though no doubt uncomfortable). Time in the cave is really valuable and important for people who're out there giving, working hard. Keep craving it, then you might actually manage to give it to yourself every now and then.

Gemma Grace

I understand the need for cave time too. I love being with others and I love time alone. Finding a balance has always been a challenge for me...mainly because the need to be alone doesn't arise out of a structured place. Do you know what I mean?

Mary Godwin

I can SO relate to this post, though I enjoyed the expression of Winston's confusion. I want my cave back, too, Tamar., quiet, contemplative, and (find the rest in this last one) alone. I've printed a small copy of the image to keep in my wallet... a bit of the cave to carry with me. -mg


Tamar, can't wait to hear more about your new job. I'm getting the vibe that it's challenging but you're loving it.

(Sometimes I'm not sure whether I'm in my cave or not.)


Caves are often needed--especially in philosophy and in regular life.

Joel Sax

I've been sniffing around the entrance to my own cave. Summer brought manias and now I am teetering on a mild depression.

I spent the last few weeks meeting the challenge of a sociopath who preys on women in mania. Why? I don't know except I don't like seeing friends hurt. Perhaps there is some joy in being the "woman's man". Or, more likely, I don't like seeing people treated as prey, which is the same thing which motivates me to my leftist political activism.

Sociopaths love to try to get inside your head and deflect your efforts to obstruct them. They thrive on obscurity. This fellow got to me, tamarika. And I couldn't blog about it at my own place because his number one codependent reads it.

So I am hiding what I think here. And this is just a tiny part of it. Which is why the Cave is so attractive.

Is it a dry cave or a wet one?


Joel, what an interesting question - "a dry one or a wet one?" I had never thought of that. I will have to think about it but I am almost sure it is a dry one. I am so pleased you feel safe to hide your thoughts here. Thank you for that.

Yea to that, Fran.

Danny, I'll probably e-mail you with the "goods" sooner than I manage to write about it here ... although that is coming ... soon.

Mary, am so glad you liked the image. I am assuming you mean the picture I found. It really speaks to me too.

Yes, Gemma, I think I do know what you mean.

Jean - am craving it all right and I think you are right - it will force me to seek it out. I already feel the vibrations acomin' ...

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