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September 02, 2005



There's a whooolllle, interesting story there. Interesting to me, anyway.

My ex-sister-in-law his a really accomplished psychic. I've always loved her, and stayed in touch with her. I found an old journal in the basement when the box it was in got wet in a minor flood. I opened the journal and it said that she had predicted that her transition "from dense to light matter" had begun, but that she would live for some time yet. That was 1986. She has incurable colon cancer now. She visited me in my sleep the other night. I called her the next day; she's lost 75 pounds, but is going back to work full time. If I have such a thing as an angel, it's an angel that walks this earth, and she's it.


David, thanks for sharing your story here.

I have dreams where my father or Charlie (both have died) "visit" me. It's a real visit. They sit in a chair and ask me how I am. When I wake in the morning I feel as if they have really been there. The mind is such an incredible part of our bodies. Bruce Perry taught me a love and fascination of the brain. So many mysteries and interesting pieces to how our mind works.

Yeah, my angels all walk the earth. Some run and skip - and all drive cars.

Lisa Pettersson

When checking up through Google, if the names of old friends would appear in any connection, I came to your pages. You mention Adrian and Roger Venzo. In the mid 70-ies I worked in Swaziland where Roger Venzo was working too. Have not been in touch with him for years, but know that he lives in South Africa, Johannesburg. His mail address is [email protected]. His brother lives in Europe, I think. It was nice to know that someone I know is remembered by you in such a nice way. I am sure that Roger would be happy to hear that too. Maybe you will get in touch with him (and his brother through him). All the best from Helsinki, Finland. Lisa Pettersson


Wow, Lisa. Thanks so much for stopping by to comment and give me the information about my old school-mates. In fact, I did discover Roger through his brother who had found my blog as well. It was a terrific cyber-reunion! Am ecstatic to be in contact with Roger again.

Claire Ortoli

I would love to get in touch with Adrian Venzo if he is the person who lived in Johannesburg in the 70's....

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