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September 23, 2005



I love this. I've never read ANY of his poetry and I'm going to start right now. Sorry, people, this is dreadful evidence of how Brits of my generation weren't taught any American literature at school! I did catch up on novels later, but much less so with poetry. I would really not have predicted that blogging and reading blogs would get me reading much more poetry and even making my own attempts (poetry is so low-tech) but it has to be one of the most precious gifts that's come my way on line in the past year...

Mark  Daniels

This poem reminds me of one of the best lines that has come from preaching in the African-American Church, something I unrepentantly steal in my own preaching: Keep on keepin' on!

I've always loved Hughes! Nice post, Tamar.


I know what you mean. I, too, have discovered so many literary and musical treasures through blogging. Growing up in Rhodesia (British colony) I had a lot of catching up to do about American literature as well. Have always had a soft spot for poetry, though. I am learning a lot about Haiku through the blogosphere and always enjoy your attempts at poetry.

Thanks for stopping by. Yes, I also like that line "keep on keepin' on." I mean, what option do we have?

I'll have to stop by and hear you preach one day. I would love that, actually.


What a lovely poem. I may send it on it's merry way.


Joan, Thanks for stopping by. I love the picture that comes before the poem. Beautiful website!

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