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November 20, 2005



Odetta! I adore Odetta. And I met her in Rome, ages and ages ago (Oh allright, it was in the 1960's) when she was appearing onstage brought there by the Teatro Club, an organization my sister and her husband hd started to bring the best performers from all over the world. She was (is) terrific and was so calm and cool while everybody backstage (incl yrs truly) was running around in a frenzy. Get her to sing (if possible) "Ain't No Grave Can Lay My Body Down". Eager to hear your report of the event.


And how fantastic that your son will be the opener! My congratulations and applause to them both.


Thanks Natalie. I am looking forward to hearing and seeing Odetta too. I did see her many, many years ago in the Tel Aviv Philharmonic auditorium. She was fabulous!

Richard Lawrence Cohen

Congratulations, Tamar, on Gilad's accomplishments! And I too saw Odetta long ago -- 1978, I believe.


He's in fine company. Congratulations!


Yes, Richard - 1978 sounds about right for me too.

Thanks, Moose!

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