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November 20, 2005



As you may have noticed, I had also visited, read, and commented on this at Mary's site. It really is a powerful piece, especially when read slowly and deliberately. Not sure if this was penned by Tommi (which it seems to be) or a collective of Tommi's words beautifully peiced together and crafted by Mary. Doesn't matter, the message is clear, the plea is sincere, the power is there...

Mary Godwin

Tamar, I am honored by your notice and the support you give in posting a link to Tommi's story on (Pro)Claiming Age. Fortune smiled and I was able to speak with her again today. She is safe and remains confident that it won't be long before she is home again. She has found encouragement in the kind remembrance of so many blogger friends. Thank you and all. There is no way of knowing what the days would have been like without you, and there is no need to know. You are there.


Yes Winston, I noticed that you visited Mary's site before me. In fact, often times you and I visit same sites and make similar comments I notice! Something "kindred" in all of this I think. It is, indeed a very powerful piece. Moved me deeply.

Mary, Thank you for sharing Tommi with all of us. She has very important stories to tell. And your waiting for her return is one of them. We are definitely here waiting with you and so looking forward to hearing about her safe return.

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