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November 30, 2005



Indeed you have. Excuse me while I step outside and stretch myself!


Only you know the answer. But if you can conjure it so clearly, it does sound as though... What a vivid series of images. I'm seeing you in my mind's eye coming out of the cave and standing there with your arms stretched wide to embrace the universe, like in that photo from your and Tom's wedding day. A year is both a very long time and a very short time, isn't it?


Oh yes, we have all made it through.

Richard Lawrence Cohen

Om! My blogversary is in mid--December. It's been wonderful getting to know you and many other good people. To echo Nappy and a D. H. Lawrence poem, "Look! We Have Come Through!"

Joel Sax

Staying alive as long as the body allows is what it is all about....


Hello dear friends,
Yes indeed, Richard and Nappy 40: We have all come through! Richard, my blogversary is beginning of January. It has been so much more than wonderful for me to meet you all. It has filled me with gratitude and humility. I have felt supported and encouraged every step of the way.

Joel, we are so much more than merely staying alive ... surely?

Jean, this past year has been both short and long but mostly I think I have learned the most from it than any other year ever! I wonder, could it be thanks to blogging and my blogger friends ... my constant pod-mates?

MaryB, I wonder how "the stretch" felt? Ain't it grand? Did you breathe in and exhale long and hard?

Joel Sax

"Just living?" :)

I think that's the big key to everything. Without the ability to live, how could I think, hope, and feel? How could I watch the clouds slip in or put my arms out to feel the rain as it falls?

I figure that I am going to get all kinds of experiences by living and that keeps me going. Even the melancholy can drive me to creative acts.

How would I write if I were stiff and in the grave? Where would I get my experiences, both good and bad?

I like living.

P.S. Haven't seen you commenting on my blog in a while.


I guess when I said surely we are doing more than merely staying alive is in agreement with your latest comment. I like living too!

I have been stopping by to read your blog as always but haven't felt I have much to say ... pretty much wherever I go lately, actually, not just with you. Am even finding it hard to write posts lately. Just a phase, blogger buddy. I'll be back!

Thank you, though, for commenting on my mine. I appreciate it so much.

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