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December 30, 2005



Oh, that's an excellent depiction of the world of blogging. So, a whole year next week. That's something to celebrate, isn't it? :)


Great interview.

Joy Des Jardins

Beautifully said Tamar. And, I for one echo many of your sentiments. What a great and welcoming community. Cheers to your ONE YEAR Anniversary!


Your blog and writing are so polished that I would have guessed you had been doing it much longer. Congratulations (next week) on your first year anniversary. If I can hold on until May, I will also reach that milestone, though it now seems like I have been doing it much longer.

Your self-interview is interesting and revealing. Perhaps this is something we all should do from time to time...

Joel Sax

Damn, I was thinking of doing this myself....

Mike Golby

It's not that noone's interested in you, kid. It's just that Paynter's been bloody lazy these past couple of years.

Or perhaps you sensed...?

If there's one word missing from this great interview, it's "passion" (but you did use it a couple of posts back). It best describes what you bring to the Web.

And it best describes what you need if you're to get out of the Web that which you so obviously do.

Why else would we layabouts be clogging your comments box :)?


What an excellent way to mark your year in the blogosphere, Tamar. Congratulations in advance on your blog birthday. I love the fact that blogging has been such an unequivocally positive experience for you - as a comparative beginner it encourages me to persevere (not that I am not enjoying the experience myself, on the contrary!).


You, yourself, have been an incredible find, Tamar. For all your brilliance and ability to write eloquently, I come here for your warmth, honesty, compassion and love. xo

Mark Daniels

I so enjoy reading your blog, Tamar. Your warmth and thinking as a human being comes through in the things that you write here.

It's been a real pleasure in 2005 getting to know you through this strange, wonderful, and powerful medium.

Mark Daniels


Great interview about the art and spiritual practice of blogging. Happy new year.

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