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December 11, 2005



Hey, I got my Fraser yesterday too! One more "new city" thing conquered--where to find high quality fresh trees where they'll make a fresh cut and tie it to your car for you. My Fraser is still naked; I'll decorate it today. I also have ornament memories.


What a great feeling to know we are "in this" together, J.R. I'm sure you could do a fantastically interesting post about your ornament memories. Let me know if you ever want to use my blog for such (or any other for that matter) a post.

You would make a fabulously interesting blogger. I have no doubt about it!

Merry Christmas, J.R. I miss you and love you.


You set the scene so well that I feel as if I had been there, too. Cherished ornaments, a fresh tree, music - wonderful! And your description of the contrast between last Christmas and this one for you certainly needled out memories of my soul-beating Christmas three years ago. (Cue cold chills.) And look! We survived. Thrived, even. Another gift of the season!


Of the hundreds of blogs, I have read in the last two months, yours has stood out as a favorite. The way you write, brings me right into your moment. I read your “The tree is home” post, to my husband this morning and found myself crying, when you cried. My husband and I have been married for thirty four years and have lived in nine homes, moving as he built his career in the hotel business. Growing up, I lived and was educated in three countries. Perhaps that is why, when on your list in you post “Random (Update)” you said “I am a citizen of the world, feel like an outsider, and always long to belong.” I felt a kindred emotion. As a new blogger, I am in the infant stage, with much to learn. I feel blessed that I came across your blog, as it has raised the bar for me.


Thanks so much for stopping by. I am glad this post resonated with you. Welcome to the blogging world! Your site is looking good. I'll be visiting you!

Yes! Survived - even thrived! Hurrah!

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Thanks, Floyd!

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