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January 04, 2006



Happy Blog-a-versary, Tamar!


How beautiful. I'm glad you're not leaving. A very happy bloggiversary to you, Tamar! I have to thank you for many an interesting train of thought, many a shudder of emotion, many a satisfied sigh of recognition, as well as many a shared burst of passionate anger, books and music discovered... and especially the knowledge of a congenial sister soul far away on another continent - such a precious thing.


Happy blogaversary! I love your piano too. I wonder how many of our blogger friends have pianos?

Joy Des Jardins

Congratulations Tamar! Blog on!

Richard Lawrence Cohen

Double congratulations today -- here and on a previous post -- to a beautiful soul who has made our blogging lives brighter by not shrinking from darkness.

Richard Lawrence Cohen

PS: That's one of my favorite songs too, especially by Judy Collins, and probably since that very year 1969. I don't listen to it much, but it gives me a chill every time.


Mazel tov, Tamar! You have enriched the blogosphere immeasurably and I hope you will continue to do so for a long time. Are you still contemplating the Tamarika name change?

I love that song, too, although I've always found it to be very sad and depressing. I know the Kate Wolf version.


Fabulous piano, by the way. Is there a story behind that?


Danny, I have never heard Kate Wolf sing that song - must look it up! Charlie bequeathed the piano to Gilad when he died. Presently it is too wide to fit in Gilad's apartment! So it resides with me until there is room. And I guess for the moment I am leaving the name of my blog as is ...

On the subject of pianos, that is a good question, savtadotty. I know that Sandhill Trek showed us his piano at Christmas time.

Richard and Jean, your comments took my breath away and brought tears to my eyes. What dear friends you have become for me.

Joy and Always Question, thanks so much!


Congratulations, Tamar, on the first anniversary of your blog!

Loved The Subject was Roses, and I vaguely remember the song. I need to get to you so you can play it for me to refresh my rapidly flaking grey matter!


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