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February 23, 2006


Mark  Daniels

I'm not so sure about that. The sunny days when things were going well have usually been the times when I have made the worst decisions.

It seems that when I'm more hard-pressed, I'm more sensible and as a result, call on help from God and from others. In the sunny days, I get all full of myself and neglect to seek the counsel I need. Disaster has usually been the result.

Sorry. I couldn't help waxing all theological!



I love that quote. I needed that at the moment, as my days have not been so sunny for the last week or two. I love your photo, your smile is so beautiful and kind.


What a great picture of you Tamar...I really like it.


I love this photo. And if the quotation applies to you, I'm so glad you came through.


I love this new photo of you.


Perfect quote. Especially as I rode my bike to work through the snow this morning!

Oh yes, and the new photo is fab! You look very happy & relaxed.


Hey everyone, thank you for the kind comments about the photo. As some of you know already it is not easy for me to see me smiling at myself every day ...

Kimbofo, I admire your perseverance as you ride on through no matter what the weather!

Mo'a, I wish you as much sunshine as you need these days.

How interesting. Letting down one's guard leading to disastrous consquences ... I recognize it though. I guess I do well during adversity too. I love the part of the quote that says, "and everything is all right." It comforts me to hear that.

Adriana Bliss

What a beautiful picture, Tamar! And a perfect quote to accompany your smiling face.


Thank you so much, Adriana.


Lovely sentiment as is the picture of you.

Think the contrast of the rain, snow, sleet is what makes the sunny day so much more appreciated.

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