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March 17, 2006



Happy St Patrick's Day, Tamar O'Jacobson...


Hello Tamar!

Gemma Grace

Emerald Green it is... sounds about right considering today is St. Patrick's Day and I have a bit of the Irish in me :) Happy day!

sabine marth

That´s me.

You Are Mint Green

Balanced and calm, you have mastered the philosophy of living well.
Your friends seek you out for support, and you are able to bring stability to chaotic situations.
You're very open and cheerful - and you feel like you have a lot of freedom in life.
Your future may hold any number of exciting things, and you're ready for all of them!

What Color Green Are You?


Gemma and ainelivia, thanks for the good wishes!

Hi there Nappy 40!

All the shades of green. My good friend Leanne discovered she was apple green.

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