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March 22, 2006



You do a great job of writing, both at home and away. The best part is, I think I understand.


Well, you certainly do have a way with words. Perhaps there is something to be said for not being too needy in terms of self-preservation.

Enjoyed reading you at TGB, enjoy you here. Interesting that you perceive a difference between how you write there and how you write here. Will have to think about that, but think I can understand.


Thanks for your kind remarks, Joared and Milt.

Yes, Joared, I did perceive a difference. It was quite subtle though and completely subjective.

Gemma Grace

Oh Tamar! Your guest post over at Ronni's is so beautiful, so dear, so sweet, so tender! Lovely!

Funny what you said here about guesting. Over at TGB, I felt like I was sitting in the audience in a great hall listening with great pride and excitement to a dear friend. Here, I feel (as I always do) cozied up on your comfy couch with an afghan tucked around my shoulders and a cup of tea warming my hands.

Gemma Grace

BTW, the picture's hilarious!


Hello Gemma,
You describe beautifully how I feel about guest blogging. Thanks, as always, for you kind words and support!

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