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March 16, 2006



Tomorrow is the famous dog Molly Bloom's birthday and we are giving her a bath for the occasion!

Joel Sax

And why would you care about St. Patrick's Day?

(It seems to function as an excuse to get rippingly drunk IMHO.)


Hope you have a wonderful time - one of those particularly wonderful time that can be precipitated when you do something that draws on your greatest strengths and greatest fears :-) Bruce Perry: how interesting. Inspired by something Brenda of Rubies in Crystal said the other day, I've just bought myself an academic book about the interplay of genes and experience, decided it was time I became less ignorant about this tremendously important subject - every year or two something reminds me that I nearly gave up studying languages to study psychology and off I go... and then you always find other people saying things that connect and send you on to somewhere else...


Thanks, Jean! I wish you could just *hear* Perry. He makes it all make so much sense - about early emotional memories and brain development.

Now, now, Joel, I do care. All that green everywhere and the Leprechauns ... plus you heard Frank? It's Molly Bloom's birthday! Hurrah!

Happy Birthday beautiful Molly Bloom dog. I'll be wanting to see a picture of her beautiful face, bath or no bath!

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