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March 11, 2006



Congratulations and Happy Anniversary! Enjoy to the fullest...

Richard Lawrence Cohen

Hey, I was going to say what Winston just said!


Tamar, just a quick Happy Anniversary and lots of love before I get back to my techie troubles, soon to be solved. I too have been away and it is indeed salutary to see that the blogging universe can go on without us...sigh.
I like the thoughtful (sad?)new pic of you on the sidebar. Can you send me some of your hair to weave into my short & thin strands?


A happy anniversary! And lots of good things


Happy Anniversary! And enjoy your spring break \(^__^)/


Happy Anniversary. And now I must return to my Jet Lag. (In my case, it means the brain keeps flying for several extra days.)

Mark  Daniels

Happy anniversary! But frankly, I've never found it to be true that you get "your money for nothing, chicks for free." But of course, Knopfler always meant that to be a parody of some people's attitudes about creative types anyway.



Happy, happy Anniversary to you and T...hope you have a beautiful weekend Tamar.


Thanks for all your good wishes, dear people bloggers.

Mark, don't you just love Knopfler? Have been thinking about his music lately ...

Gemma Grace

Tamrika ~ A legend of Victorian times heralded the belief that daffodils originated as the brightest stars in heaven. Angels would pluck a star and plant it on earth to honour the selfless and kind deeds of those they watched over. It is not surprising to me at all that the daffodil is your wedding flower :)

Happiest of Anniversaries and may your love for each other continue to shine with the light of the brightest stars in heaven.

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