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March 12, 2006



A news fast at home! Hah! I read that Dr. Weil book several years ago, when I already lived in Israel, where the news shatters my windows and pierces my eardrums in the form of ambulance sirens. And where the bus and taxi drivers still tune into the radio news for the entire bus at least on the hour. Israelis have to go to ashrams in India for their news fast.

Sorry. I'm not helping your "blogger blues" am I? But I do hope you recover enough to laugh with me.


Yeah, savtadotty, I am laughing out loud with you. I know that scene all too well.


Oh ho, I just had a 'none of the above' weekend too :-) And also had to make myself turn off the news which I kept hearing over and over on the hour for lack of energy to get up and do anything else. Thank you so much for sharing. Hugs and solidarity to you in your pajamas on a tired Sunday in the tail-end of Winter. Happy Anniversary to you and Tom. And aren't you due for Spring Break?


Does today's sunshine wash out your blues, Tamar? Enjoy the weather:)


It's funny, when life is hectic (as it is at present) I just pine for weekends with nothing planned when I can just chill. But when they come along ... well, let's just say I can identify with this post.


Yes indeed my friends, the sunshine came today and washed the blues away. Plus - spring break is here. Hurrah!

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