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March 30, 2006



Rock on, Tamara!


Oops--if I only knew how to spell...

Adriana Bliss

I can so imagine the energy! What a spirit-lifting description of your night, Tamar!


Sounds like that dance was a wonderful time! Remember what fun we had when my daughter came home some years ago demonstrating for us the latest craze, The Chicken Dance.

All those swings, and jitterbugs ... Wow! My college friend, in our youth, use to bring down the house at any staged event with her solo Charleston in the mid-fifties.


Ah, Heidi, don't fret. So many people add an "a" to the end of my name. Thanks so much for noticing though!

It was indeed a spirit-lifting evening, Adriana. The day after seemed quite dull in comparison, and yet, the feelings of the night remained simmering somewhere within anyway.

Joared, one of the inspiring parts of the evening for me, was having those young, vibrant dancers showing many of us so much older women all those wonderful old dances that our grandparents, mothers and fathers had danced. It was exquisite. Their patience, joy and love of dance was electrifying.

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