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March 23, 2006





Ah, savta-le - savta-le ...


Interesting as always but if I may be your mother for a moment...start flossing! It's way more important than brushing your teeth in terms of preventing big problems and it's even better to do in the morning than at night if you have to choose one. Remember, as the saying goes:

"You don't have to floss all your teeth...JUST THE ONES YOU WANT TO KEEP!"

(That'll teach you to reveal such personal information online!)


Danny, LOL! But, hey! I didn't know about the morning flossing bit. That sounds more do-able to me somehow. Now, everytime I floss I'll be laughing and thinking of you. Isn't that what you've always dreamed of? Someone flossing and thinking of you at the same time?

Gemma Grace

And now I'm thinking of both of you flossing and thinking of each other at the same time LOL


Hi Tamar,

Though I won't be posting your meme to me yet, I have decided to do it in a few days, if that's okay. Yours is the only meme I've done...and probably will do; but how could I turn such a sweet lady down. -Joy


Looking forward to reading your first ever meme!



Good one, Tamar! Please extend my meme-deadline to tomorrow - I'm still washing sheetrock dust outta my clothes. (Great list, btw.)

And thanks for your support over the past week. Your comments meant so much.


My first Meme...done and posted Tamar. Come visit. Thanks. -Joy


MaryB - you have all the time in the world. I tried to comment at your site but it kept blocking me. What I wrote there was "beautiful weary and compassionate boots. Welcome home!"

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