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March 20, 2006


Joy have pretty much captured that which is the beauty of the blogosphere. Wonderful post.


I couldn't agree more with everything you said, Tamar. I much prefer the NEW ways of communicating for all the reasons you describe. And I'm still baffled by people who don't "GET" blogging. What does that mean? Are they really saying, "I don't like reading anything on the computer?" or "I don't understand how you could be posting personal thoughts for anyone to see?" Honestly, what is there not to get? Everyone's blog is very different. It only takes reading a few of your posts, for example, to understand what you're doing on your site, which of course is very different from many other blogs. Like you, I tend to get agitated by such comments and then wonder what's wrong with me that such statements hit a nerve. I certainly don't think that blogging replaces one-on-one interactions, God forbid, but I do think it can add a richness and breadth to personal expression that would be otherwise impossible.


This is a great post Tamar and really hit the nail on the head. I remember being told off by some friends many years ago for not writing enough emails to them. These were the people who never responded when I did send emails. Communication - whether old or new - is a two-way street, right?


There are people who just don't like to try new things. I am disappointed when my old friends turn out to be that way, but not everyone expands with age...some people contract.


I found your post very interesting as the way your friend reacted sounded much like the way some of my friends react. But I guess savtadotty has it right. Some people probably contract with age!


I think that to communicate is the most important thing - the method is secondary to me. However, blogging is a great communication tool !


My dear blogger friends. I could not have said anything better than how you have replied here. Thanks so much for these comments. Warmed the cockles of my ... I want to say, "heart," ... but I think I really mean ... "brain."


You say it so well.


Yes, I know exactly what you mean Tamar, very well written.

Strange, I wrote a post about this "new" way of communicatin between kids on my blog just before I read this.


Thanks Milt.

Ella, thanks for the link. Yes, it seems we hought of similar stuff almost at the same moment! That is one of the beauties of blogging: Cyber-synchronicity.

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