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March 27, 2006


Richard Lawrence Cohen

Thanks for the link, dear. Will look forward to more of your words on Denver, where I've never been.


Mountains in the distance? I see 'em about two miles away. ;)


Would love to visit Denver. Have seen mountains once during a trip to Washington State. Memories.


I love the mountains. Living in flat NJ and about 45 min. from the ocean, often leaves me with a longing to see and experience both.
Tamar buy a disposable digital camera.....the quality of the photos may not be what you are used to but at least you will have a visual record of what interested you.

Mark  Daniels

I hope that there have been no repercussions from your recent fall.

Mine has caused more complications than I initially thought it had. I'm to get an x-ray done on my wrist. The doctor doesn't think it's fractured, but wants to know for sure. Other than occasional pain in the wrist, I'm completely recovered and hope that you are as much the better for enjoying Colorado!

God bless!



Oh, Mark, am so sorry to hear about the contunuation of your fall. Keep me posted. I was fortunate with mine - haven't felt a thing after the initial few days of a sore toe! I even managed to dance for two solid hours last night. Take care of yourself.

Nappy 40, gee I'd love to hear about Washington memories ... wink, wink, nudge, nudge.

Ah, Moa, how could a disposable camera help me out when I need digital, digital ... digital ...?

Hm ... Joel. You are a lucky person. Not only California but also mountains?

Smiles. You ... the man!

Mark  Daniels

Got the report back on the x-rays today: no fracture. The doc says it should take about four to six weeks to heal.

I'm ready to dance! (As long as I don't have to do any handstands.)



Thank goodness no fracture. Yes - dancing is a joyous way to heal - no doubt about it.

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