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March 31, 2006



"People who have chosen the path of the pure who are non-judgmental and accepting of other points of view" are rare indeed. Treasure, as you obviously do, any that you meet.

As usual, you manage to articulate so well in your written words deeper sentiments that I would find much more difficult to express. You make the describing seem ever so simple.


Last night was a lucky night indeed!



My sister is a nun, and I assure you, she's no saint! As different as we (and our beliefs are) she is very supportive of the fact that I'm an [ahem] astrologer.


Thank you, Joared and Sky.

Heidi, great story! You always surprise me with your stories. Thank you.

Gemma Grace

"I met such a woman last night." ~ Pristine moments like this so nourish the heart and soul, don't they?

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