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April 17, 2006



I love Flat Stanley. Would he like to visit Tel Aviv?


Hee, hee. Flat Stanley paid a visit to Melbourne when we were there - he had been hiding in my brother-in-law's suitcase. My BIL is a resident of New York. Flat Stanley sure gets around. I'll have to dig out the pics and stick on my blog.


Delightful, just delightful. Thank you, Tamar.

*Smiling broadly*


Thanks for letting me visit Philadelphia with Flat Stanley! Loved it :)

Adriana Bliss

Ha! I love this post - perfectly smile-provoking. :)

Randy Jacobson

Oh , I do wish I were flat Stanley! What a marvelous adventure for 'flat'. Thanks so much (from Jared's dad).

Joel Sax

I wonder if Flat Stanley will ever cross paths with Flat Trevor?


Hey, hello Jared's Dad! Wink, wink, nudge, nudge. Believe me, you were very much with all three of us that day ... in so many ways!

Joel, I wonder who is Flat Trevor? Dare I ask?

kimbofo, I will be looking for F.S's Australian adventures on your blog anytime soon ...

Mary, Claude, Adriana, thanks so much!

Yes, savtadotty, F.S. would love Tel Aviv. He is just such a fun-loving and curious chap, you see.


Great narrative! That Flat Stanley tells a good story, albeit in the third person.


Yes, he is quite an intelligent fellow - albeit ... !

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