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May 11, 2006



Oh what do I say? I don't want to put pressure on you, I do want you to know how much your blogs means to me, and of course i don't want you to stop.

Give L a hug from me. Yes, we don't have fiery debates here, because you set the standard of understanding and empathy and kindness. And you are one of the few. You respond to your commenters which I have always appreciated and treasured. You gave example there for others to follow. Oh Tamar, I would miss you so. Your writing is like good food, prepared with thought and kindness and shared with others, Love and understanding go into it, and I always leave with that feeling; that love, understanding and kindness have been shared. In your blog you do what you do best, share, and in that you are "teaching" and it is the best kind of teaching, you are sharing by example.

Maybe you could blog less?


I'm not even going to talk about whether you should continue to blog or not Tamar. I'm just going to wish you a wonderful, restful and glorious vacation in Greece. There I hope you find the answers you need to make the best decision for yourself. We will understand whatever you come to. Bless you, and much love....



The answer to your blog dilemma seems to be already made in your subconscious.

Have a wonderful vacation in Greece.


Sometimes I feel like a slave to my blog. I want to get something posted every day. Indeed, there isn't time, inspiration, or material in my life for something interesting every day so if I were a wiser person I would emulate Dervala and present polished gems every so often.

You are a writer and a communicator and the web publishing form we are constrained to call "blogging" (ick) is made for you. Still, you have such a wide range of interests and obligations that it wouldn't surprise me if you laid this aside from time to time. I think experience has taught you to do what's right for you, so nothing I can add will be very valuable.

I hope you're as encouraged by the value I find in reading your reflections from time to time as I am by the knowledge that you read mine.

Have a nice vacation Tamar!


Tt sounds like you know what you need to do. But I agree, what you need to do before anything else is to enjoy a well-earned vacation.
Happy Mothers' Day Tamar and a true Shavouah Tov!


These comments are encouraging and helpful as I sort out my confusion. I appreciate your trusting that I know my mind, conscious or subconsciously. Sometimes I only manage to recognize what is going on with me after I have written an entire post!

It certainly does help to know that some of you enjoy reading my posts or even benefit from them in some way. I often lose my sense of self or directon.

I am looking forward to the vacation although have already been looking into those internet access cafes in Greece that Danny
mentioned a few posts back!!

I guess I am going to have to learn to balance feeling like a slave to the blog ... with the addiction to it ... and self-responsibility (never my strongest suit)!


Tamar, you have my total and full support in choosing what is best for you ...

But even if you do decide to take time I away from the blog, I do hope, very selfishly, it won't be for ever and that you will return eventually, if only intermittently.

But right now, enjoy your vacation!

I could have written the last paragraph of your comment above myself. I have taken a week off the blog out of necessity - I was burned out - not enough time to post and yet feeling pressured to do so.

Seven days feels like an eternity on the one hand, and not long enough on the other ....


Thanks for the encouragement and good wishes for the vacation ... and for being there.


I'm enjoying your blog. For what it's worth, as my initial preoccupation with the blogosphere may be beginning to mellow, I feel less of a compulsion and sense of urgency to keep up day by day, in most instances, with the blogs I am reading.

I've found some blogs I enjoy don't post everyday which is just fine with me ... I still enjoy visiting them.

But, I certainly understand when a person senses a need to let go of what has been, to move ahead with what can be.

I'll miss your blog if it ends. I'll still enjoy your blog if you simply post less frequently. Am confident you will decide what is best for you.

FYI, a shipment is on its way to me of your son's CD to add to my jazz collection. Know I'm going to enjoy it! Will think of you, too, when I listen to it.


joared,I am always encouraged by your comments. Thank you. Ooh, and of course I am delighted you ordered my son's CD. I hope you enjoy the music he makes.

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