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June 05, 2006



Okay! I made the link change. I'm not handling links very well at Listics yet, but anyone who can find the link to Tamar will be pointed to the mined nuggets, not the in and out of confidence blog.


Ok. I made the change in my links. Now I'm having a hard time postinga comment here!


Thanks Frank. This blog has comment moderation because of nasty old spam. Therefore comments need to be approved before they appear. Perhaps that's why it seemed difficult.


At the moment I have two links Tamar; one to this blog, and one to Mining Nuggets. So I guess it's farewell to In and Out of Confidence; and welcome to Mining Nuggets. See you there.

I don't think I was fully aware that you and the blog felt tainted, wounded and spoiled. I'm sorry that happenned to you. Your moving on seems like a good step, and one that will bring the renewal and energy you seek.


Hello there, ainelivia! Yes, there will be more of an explanation at Mining Nuggets about that "tainted feeling" (especially the post called "Face the Morning").
Am delighted you have linked to me. Thank you.

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