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June 07, 2006



Mary, that is pretty much how I would describe the experience: not exactly enjoyable but I wouldn't miss it. Really, really interesting in so many ways.

Yes, Winston, am pretty relieved it isn't a criminal case, actually. This having-people's-lives-in-my-hands type of deal isn't too much fun!


Had I had a blog at the time of my one session of jury service I could have been posting for days ...

It wasn't exactly enjoyable - but in retrospect I wouldn't have missed it.


As much of an inconvenience as this might be, it should provide a wealth of blog fodder. And at least you got a civil trial and not criminal court. The criminal court cases are juicier, but you could get sequestered; and there is always the nervousness of retaliation by the accused. Oh, you're in a big city, so they wouldn't be able to ID or find you like they could out in Podunkville.

Enjoy and take good notes!


Wouldn't that be great? Share the proceedings blow by blow? Hmm ... not going to happen.


Don't they have wireless and an IRC backchannel? Bring a laptop!

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