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June 03, 2006



So glad you arrived in time! Great story, I felt I was with you in the cab :)
Congratulations to your son.


What a wise post this is. Oh I felt for you. The keyed-upness and the shock of the taxi driver's reaction. I think it is the sheer unexpectedness of this kind of thing that floors us - well it does me.

So very glad there was a happy ending. And that is a lovely photo you've posted, Tamar.


Thanks so much, Jean.

Natalie, I haven't been reading my blogging buddies much either with all my traveling. I can't wait for a few quiet days to catch up on reading and writing it down. Thanks for blogrolling my new site!


Dear Tamar, the best of all possible best wishes for your new blog and new outlook. I'm going to blogroll your new link now. I haven't been visiting my blogging buddies' blogs much lately so forgive me for my lateness. I will catch up with what's been happening with you little by little. Congraats to you and your son for being so good to and for each other.


How wonderful to share your joy in this and how I felt for you late and tearful in the beastly driver's taxi. Congratulations to Gilad and warmest love to you and your new blog, Tamar!

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