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June 12, 2006



Mary, in the end it became easy to know what to vote for. But I must admit it helped that the deliberation was professional, civil and congenial. Such an interesting process - I learned so much this week!

Jean, it was indeed demanding. Without meaning to I put my heart and soul into it for six days and came to care about everyone involved. At one point I was even considering changing my profession to becoming a lawyer!!!!

Mo'a, I am sorry to hear about your friend and the gossip that was harmful to you. Thanks for your comment regarding my writing. I appreciate your kindness.

Patry, Welcome to "Mining Nuggets." I appreciate you stopping by and especially your supportive comment. Thank you!


Tamar, you are taking me back to my own jury service here. I think it is extremely difficult, verging on the impossible, to be totally objective - I think we can only ask ourselves as jurors to do the best we can and trust that this will be good enough.

That was the best I could do. I remember we had a case and although the balance of probability favoured our guilty verdict it was touch and go whether it was "beyond reasonable doubt". But then once the verdict was announced the list of previous convictions was read out .. and I did feel happier then.

Except in a few cases where there is unarguable physical evidence, I think there will always some doubt for a conscientious juror.


If I were on trial, I would want someone like you on the jury.


This is so interesting. I can imagine feeling very similar if I was ever on a jury. Bound to be a very demanding experience, I think, for someone as observant and full of heart as you are.


Thank you for using the quote from my blog and linking to me :)
I agree with you that it is so hard to sit in judgement of another. Human beings are complex and there are never eazy answers.
I broke up a three year friendship recently, the person in question judged me by gosiping and trying to sway others to her way of thinking.....sadly she had me all is her way. A week later she lost another friend who also had enough of the negative gosip about her an others. I feel sorry for her she has some serious issues that she needs to work on.
Tamar, I loved the letter to your Isarel family. You are a wonderful writer. When I read what you write I can feel your feelings. That is a wonderful gift, one to be celebrated :)

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