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November 21, 2006



I think it is in retrospect and the distance that gives the different perspective. Being inside something makes it difficult to understand. This realization has made me so much more accepting and compassionate with young students I teach. It has helped me change my expectations in a deep way. It's not resignation as much as understanding that everyone is exactly where they are at that moment and simply cannot be at any other place. I can plant a seed, a thought, an idea but that's really about it. Life experience has to do the rest!


Only in retrospect do we often fully appreciate what we have done, where we have been on this path through life, as you have so aptly described. Distance seems to give us perspective. Rare are those who realize what they have when in the midst of living it. Perhaps, as for you, the aging process, so many experiences, a thoughtful contemplative mind, coming to being unafraid of change has clearly allowed you to reach a stage in life to which all could aspire.


Yes, yes ... it's what "Bob" would have called "a therapeutic opportunity." Definitely agree - to be welcomed as our driving force. Wonderful. Thank you, Jean.


Ah, so wise and poignant, Tamar. Is this endless discontent something to be worked on (as I guess some Buddhists, amongst others, would say) or to be welcomed as our driving force? Both, I think - not a contradiction, because however much we work on it it's not going to completely go away!


I love this, savtadotty ... "All the rest was just stuff to do while getting there!" Yes, and those feelings are really so much only from within! I wonder, are you barking yet?

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