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January 08, 2007



Well, Jean, I love those "cliches" because it helps me not feel so bad about not getting to it. And so true, so true, it's a great way to get other stuff done! I will keep you posted about said chapter.

That's key isn't it? That there will always be another day? Yes indeed. That's why I adore the dawn and love waking up early to greet the new day - just love it!


I've often felt the same way Tamar. Especially when I've sat down in front of the computer to check out blogs, or write, or something....suddenly half my day is gone. I could be doing so MANY things around the house...organizing things, etc. It doesn't take much to distract me from doing those things. Your day didn't sound so wasted to me; but I know what you mean when you don't get to something you've mentally planned to do. I guess we count on there always being another day.


Isn't it a wonderful way of getting other stuff done, though? And being able to see the pattern is half the battle. Labour pains, sitting on your eggs, all the cliches - cliches because they're true.

Waiting to hear that you've started the chapter, and knowing you will


Kate Winslet *is* a wonder in that movie. Phenomenal!

joared, thanks for your encouragement : ) And now I will try not to get distracted by commenting ... (just kidding!)


Isn't it amazing how and even why we don't do certain things we're all set to do. I've been having that problem a lot. It's as though I know in my mind the next step, so can get right into it whenever. Meanwhile, there are all these other activities that somehow seem to occupy my interest -- just 'til I get back to that other matter I was going to do. Oh, lordy, help me! ;-)

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