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August 01, 2007



Whatever I write embarrasses my family! And yet I am "G" rated. I guess we are talking about different kinds of embarrassment, Always Question. Tee hee! Smiles.


Thank you for the mention!
I was a little disappointed that I achieved a PG-13 without writing anything that embarrassed the family. I remember when I was NC-17, but it's been awhile.


Yeah, Kay - I really don't like the idea of becoming "stodgy." : )

Wow, Danny, I guess my writing just is not colorful or interesting enough. I had my mouth washed out with soap when I was a child and I can still taste the soap to this day! So, cussing in print is pretty difficult for me. Talk about an effective behaviorist strategy that worked with me!

Kay Dennison

I'm a G, too. I can live with it but I've always fancied myself more of a hellion than that. Maybe I'm getting stodgy in my old age? I sure don't cuss like I did in college. LOL Sigh


I got an NC-17 rating which I have to say pleases me in some kind of sick way. The reason for my adult rating, according to them, was the use of the following words:
pain (10x)
death (7x)
hell (4x)
fuck (3x)
torture (2x)
suck (1x)

How ridiculous. I thought I got it because of mentioning Bush and Cheney. But cheer up, Tamar, maybe my use of the word "fuck" in this comment will at least take you to a PG-13! OY, who thinks up these sites??

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