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September 18, 2007



Hi Elise
Your lovely words made me gulp with emotion too.


This is so beautiful. Thanks so much for commenting here about this.


From a sister,
We grow up in a world full of conflicts - but we must hold onto love.
We travel paths in the same direction that have different journeys - hold onto love.
We go through different passages that have no meaning for one and so many meanings for another - but, that understanding, that feeling that one has for another from birth lingers on.
I am a bird who flies but clings onto branches to keep balanced and once something precious is found- it will be forever.


You made the same connection I did! And you know that is one of the reasons why I love you! Surely?

Yes, the *detachment* or *disconnection* of which you speak has been such a long, painful time in coming. And it has so much to do with really understanding where I begin and the other person ends.

Thank you, dear friend, for being there always to hear me with your *third* ear.


Tamar, I have been thinking since yesterday about this, and about what you wrote at the end of your long walk: the realisation that you had in some way *disconnected* from your family.

My goodness, this is the primal story, isn't it: achieving the necessary separation, and then you can love one another without oppression or possession?

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