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November 10, 2007



Oh my goodness, David! How could I have forgotten you???? Absolutely - next time I come (and there *will* be a next time because I adore Chicago) - I will definitely connect up with you!


Gosh -- next time you're here, let me know so we can actually meet!!


Hello Jean,
It is good to hear from you about the "Bean" and especially your understanding of the other. Once again we are "twins." Your advice is good. I have decided to take it! Hugs and smiles to you.


I love the bean and your photos. Anish Kapoor is a good thing in the world, I think. I once had a temporary job in the London university art department where he trained. So much love and pride there for him.

Oh, dear Tamar, your words touch my heart because I am dealing with similar news, perhaps similar feelings. It is very hard. And the only thing that really helps, I am finding, is not to spend too much time on my own with it feeling sad and weak and hiding from the world - which is always a temptation - but to get out and feel as much love and connection as possible for other friends, old and new.

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