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December 20, 2007



Yes, keep doing what is true to your heart even when those voices tell you otherwise.
Thanks so much for your comment, and for sharing your feelings here about this.


My compassion continues for struggling communities of merely two, or three, or eight inside the little place they reside. How did I break the cycle? I'm sure I did and I feel it, know it in every breathing moment, even in my sleep- my dreams even prove it. Is it because I understand the suffering of life? No, can't be...I don't yet understand that four letter word. BUT: all of this life's pieces that comprise me and sit with me, here, at the computer come with me into the classroom where my instinct allows goodness to come out. Other teachers, who wrongly have the label of a professional, give me grief and warnings against what I know deep inside is right and just and true to the developing being in front of me. How intriguing? Clarity comes anyway...and one day, soon I hope, others who write my paycheck will not only see this, but feel it to- as they watch me interact with the children we are all responsible for. So I learn from this and dig deeper into my spirit, which may be hundreds of years old...I really think from some north country moose and then before that from an aloconquin dressed in hide.
I can't wait to read your new book Tamar. Best wishes in the New Year.


In the pre-holiday rush, I never left a word here. But, as always, this meant the world to me.

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