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May 04, 2008



Wow, you've lived so many places. I like your meme and might do it later on... wonderful idea to share w/ readers.


Hm ... I see that chocolate cake has received a few rounds of support! Hurray! What happens, though, when it replaces all sorts of other desires? Hm? Lots more for me to think about.

So good to read comments from Michal, Ilene, William, and Winston.

Tamar, thanks for the tip about "Yaldey Hashemesh." I will look into it for sure!

Ilene, special thanks for finding good qualities in what could be considered a "bad habit" sometimes! You are rapidly becoming a very good habit for me!


I sure enjoyed reading this oneā€¦
Yours always


Re chocolate cake: What a FABULOUS cake. I know I know, I shouldn't eat it but OMIG, it was incredible with a little coffee in the icing. Reminded me of my Aunt Fay's mocha birthday cakes that she always made for me.

As for always seeing the others viewpoints, it does come with a toxicity: you run the risk of absorbing their vibe (bad if it's depressed, angry, etc.). But it's the burden of a conciliator and a peacemaker and I find qualities of both in you.....


Amazing, amazing. If only real billionaires shared your sensitivities, dreams, priorities...alas, they would probably (and do) not have had the same kinds of jobs as you...

Have you seen the new documentary yaldey hashemesh (children of the sun)? Footage from the 1940s through today of kibbutz children, from birth to now, their and Israel's 60th birthday. As we view the film, an unseen audience of these "children" reflects on the events and experiences onscreen. Worth seeing.

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