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June 27, 2008



Dear Sky,
Faced with losing a piece of me or, more than that, my own mortality - it has made me appreciate everything so much more acutely. Thank you for sharing your story here, It must be such a relief to be okay, no? I identify with that very much. Let's have a great summer!


oh, how i agree with the beauty of this image. i thought it was a planet when i first saw it.

i, too, almost lost my uterus this past year - what a struggle i've had. i did not give thought to any of the issues you have brought forth - i was so afraid of cancer and/or the complications of major surgery should i have to have a hysterectomy that i focused on little else. 3 surgeries and 3 pathology reports later i have no abnormal cells at the moment. i'm keeping my fingers crossed that i will stay the course. so glad you are able to keep your uterus, too, and hope that your worries are over in that regard. your words gave me much to ponder.


Thank you for writing this. The photograph amazed me too - as you could tell - from deep within. I appreciate your comment very much.
Thank you.


That is one of the most amazing photographs I've seen. So planet-looking, suspended in black space, the bright reflective light coming from some sun (son?) far away.

And your words make it more deeply a thing of art.

One might never know it was a medical view of a womb - it looks like a painting. Thank you for sharing it, for I doubt many of us will have a chance to have such a womb's view of our own.

(Sorry to go on about it - it just simply struck me as so beautiful.)


Thank you, Michal and Danny.

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