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August 08, 2008



I love what Tom (my husband) had to say (above), because I think he speaks to what you are talking about here:
"In any case, one cannot live on obligation alone, either. So the issue must be one of reconciliation among the poles of desire, one for promise of dreams and the other for the security of obligations."

Thanks so much for stopping by.

Brenda replies

Lots to think about here ... especially as I feel torn right now between following "my bliss" (or what I think might be my bliss, but which would most certainly hurt others) and remaining dutifully on course ... but on a course I never wanted to be on. Still I guess I continue to hope that those two roads will somehow merge.

Kay Dennison

What a wonderful letter!!!!!!!! I cried!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Dear Tamar -- Sash has left and I reread your note tonight. What wisdom and what love! I always wanted my children to feel at home in the world in a way I never did -- as though they might be able to walk into anyone's living room (or life) and feel welcome and warm and comfortable. It is something I never had and longed to give my children. Of course, it's all about me and my discomfort (as you note about our wishes and advice), but we give what we can, and wish what we need to wish. We can't solve things for our children, but we can offer them our ears, our hearts and our unconditional love. You have given all three to Gilead, and what a lucky boy he is!


Oh, Tamarika, this is just beautiful. What a wonderful gift! I find the parent-child relationship more poignant as the years go by - maybe it's something to do with both of us occupying "adulthood," though at different ends of it. Your post reminds me of this incredible bond.

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