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August 08, 2008



Dear Aeron,
My heart is full to bursting to read your comment.
Thank you.
I am sure you are a wise and compassionate mother. I know some of your roots intimately.


Your post gives new moms like me much to think about! You are a role model for me.


I am always grateful to know you are out there hearing me. Indeed, I wept as I wrote this post. It came from somewhere deep inside me.

Am relieved the crying is in a good way ... Smiles and hugs.


Dear Tamar, you are without any doubt the blogger who most often makes me cry, but in a good way. Thank you.


Between the two of you and your comments, I am learning more and more. Indeed, "following one's heart can be a very serious commitment/obligation " just might have to be my next "quote of the day!"

Not to mention, "Philosophically, it seems possible, at best, to live an illogical life. Pursue dreams. Satisfy obligations. Without trying to reconcile."

Thanks so much. I am grateful for you both.
More than words can ever describe.

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