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October 09, 2008


Sweet Girl Tracie

I just came across your blog now. Your writing posts are truly exceptional and inspirational. I especially love this writing post a lot, especially with the current economic crisis that we are faced with today and rampant budget cuts.
I am an early childhood teacher and it makes me so angry as to what the country is doing to 'support' children and education today. Enough with the testing, and lets move forward to a relevant curriculum that emphasizes social justice, multi-cultural education and real life experiences.

(I love John Dewey!!)


Dear Jean,
Yes. It felt very good to "put my intentions into the universe" on Yom Kippur. I attended a service in the evening with many like-minded people and it filled me with hope.

Thank you for listening and "hearing" me, once again.


What an inspirational post. And what a moving, positive story of your inner journey and the evolution of your motivations. I'm convinced that putting out intentions into the universe like this does make a difference.

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