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October 11, 2008



Thank you for your comment. Yes, I agree with you. They continue to be disgraceful. Martin Luther King said the silence of good people is worse than bigoted acts. Sarah Palin whips up the crowd and is silent to the outrageous and violent attacks on Barack Obama. McCain muffles out his concern to his audience and the media applaud as if he has done something wonderful! It is horrific, to say the least!

Hi there Frank,
I echo your concern and "prayers" for Obama's safety. I do not think your analysis is out in left field or: "dark, the product of a cynical mind. " It is completely and utterly plausible.

These next few weeks are excruciating because of our fear for Obama's safety. I hear this from many, many people. Let us stand strong and wrap him and his family with a tight web of our support in speaking out, in "prayers," in whatever it takes to pull us all through this storm. Of course the powers that be are hysterical right now. We are chanting "yes we can!" in the streets!

Thank you so much for your comment here.


Sky says, "hatred and fear do result in violence, and if violence occurs i personally believe mccain/palin will be directly responsible."

Forgive me for what I am about to write, because it is dark, the product of a cynical mind, my own.

If something happens to incapacitate Barack Obama, we must look beyond McCain/Palin and their climate of fear. They are merely preparing the political soil for others who are expert at planting liberal politicians six feet under.

If tragedy emerges from the chaos surrounding the death throes of the McCain campaign, I am sure it will be intentional, and not the result of some lone nut with a gun.

I read Schaeffer yesterday and was heartened that the mainstream is not putting up with the divisive nonsense that Palin is dishing out, but for the Iraq contractors (Halliburton, Blackwater, et al) the new administration will put a crimp in their cash flow to the tune of billions of dollars.

You said, "Amidst the heat of these very turbulent times nationally and globally, amidst the lies, slander and smears, Senator Obama's countenance was clear and calm, direct, solid and steady. I felt as if there was nothing we would not be able to accomplish with Obama at the helm. He will steer us safely to where we need to go. He is not afraid. I was inspired with hope once again and felt a sense of peace and relief."

I am not a prayerful man, but I pray for his safety.


Tamarika, thank you for this post. I feel exactly the same way you do about Barack Obama. And...I fear for him the same way. I fear for his family...and I fear for Joe Biden and his family; and I have voiced my feelings in comments on many blogs that are writing about it.

I cannot believe we have come to this. It has gone beyond any decent moral standards we would expect of any American let alone someone we would entrust to run our country. There's no way on earth I would want McCain and Palin speaking on my behalf....for anything. They have shown their true colors during this campaign, and it hasn't been pretty. And, I'm just talking about ethics...not issues. They have been...and continue to be disgraceful. I just hope and pray the American people see through all of this garbage and give us the crucial change we need to get back on our feet.... and vote for Barack on November 4th.


I hear your anger and frustration, sky. Indeed, it is difficult to stomach, isn't it?

Whenever I am feeling really riled up about all of this, I turn to the Obama website and look at the photographs they show of his rallies across the country, and read some of his statements or positions on issues. It is calming and reassuring.

It strengthens my resolve to work in the ways I am able, to get him elected: donating, speaking out, or volunteering when I can.

Thanks for your comment.


yesssssssss....on all counts.

i am very concerned about the hate mongering. hatred and fear do result in violence, and if violence occurs i personally believe mccain/palin will be directly responsible. his staff may be putting out the videos and ads, but he knows exactly what they and palin do and/or say. the very idea that mccain stood up yesterday and mildly defended obama after being a huge contributer to the problem made me ill. he wanted to appear to be the rescuer as his supporters slandered obama. maccain was the one who provoked this hatred and resentment, his palin puppet scaring people to death with inferences of terrorist connections. his campaign lit fires that he pretended to put out. it was sickening hypocrisy at the expense of the country, at the expense of an innocent man, and at the expense of peaceful coexistence.

i wish obama would address it directly to his face at the next debate, would say, "here i am, john. let me address to your face the issue you continue to bring up about ayers." and then go on to explain the connection in all ways it existed. perhaps he could then ask some qts. about the palins connection to the fringe group who support alaska's secession from the union!

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