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October 06, 2008



Dear friend,
I cherish this comment.
Thank you for sharing your day with me.


As the stock market reminds us not to put too much faith in the future, and the political pettiness becomes painful to listen to, I too take comforts in the here and now. For me that includes a raising up in the darkness routine much like that you describe. My Sasha also provides my first live encounter of each day. I do not blog but I do open curtains, make tea, listen to NPR and walks at sunrise before driving to work and begin the day starting rituals there. The stock market will do whatever it is ultimately going to do, in a few short weeks the campaigning will be over, but our morning rituals will continue to lend the stability that anchors our lives through all the rapid change around us. I have never understood people who get restless with sameness. For me it is what I thrive on. Growth and change are inevitable and come at us with dizzying speed, but the core of what is important to us is often revealed through the parts of our lives that we carry with us no mater where we are or what is being forced upon us from the wider world.

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