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November 15, 2008



Dear Joy,
I appreciate you sharing your own journey, here with us, complete with struggles, and successes. It's a really good feeling for me to know that we are all in this together: aging, living, enjoying, regretting, loving, and edging slowly towards the inevitable. I don't feel so lonely when I hear everyone's stories and experiences about this.


At 61 I guess I'm in the same boat as everyone else. This year has been a real 'eye opener' for me as far as my health. I too had a lecture from my doctor to lose weight and get serious about moving more than just my ten fingers on the keyboard all day if I want to enjoy my family and my life for any length of time. Putting it like that kind of makes you re-evaluate I've lost some weight (around 30 lbs.) and have been trying to exercise more. Although presently I'm having a little problem with a sore hip for the past two months that has kept me from walking very much. I've learned that in the process of working on one thing....often something else gets out of whack that derails your progress for a while. But I'm still working on it. It has it's ebbs and flows....and I'm learning it takes a lot of perserverance.

Congratulations Tamarika for all of your hard work and for all of your success. Good luck...


Yep! Let's take advantage of all the small things, while we can ;)


Hi Claude,
Yes definitely! Life is absolutely about sharing and enjoying! No question about it. And, I must say that thanks to all the losing and grieving, I appreciate joy in a way that I was never able to when I was young. Deep, amazing feelings of joyousness about even the smallest things.
Thanks so much for your comment!
Here's to exercising and keeping strong to face the partings and experiencing joy!


I am 64 and like Kay, I'll say nothing special has happened.
I have started on a new exercise "trip", because the doctor told me that if I kept this up, I might become a candidate for a cerebral attack. I find the idea horrible. I don't mind dying so much, as long as it is fast and painless, but I can't impose an incapable mother on my daughter if I can help it.
And yes, living is about losing and grieving, but not ALL about losing and grieving. Losing and grieving cannot be avoided, but one should also think about sharing and enjoying, don't you think so? :D

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