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November 07, 2008



Hello Kay and sky,
I hear your worry. It surely sits at the back of all our minds, i should imagine. But, I find that thinking about that prevents me from enjoying this truly wonderful moment in our history. Let's go day by day and enjoy, enjoy, enjoy! We deserve it.


reading your post brought up the worries kay refers to. scary to consider the violent, unstable people in this world.

i am not sure i could walk through dealey plaza. that day is still so real in my mind. i happened to be in the library at my high school. at lunch we could listen to the television which was on. walter cronkite's face came on the screen, voice cracking, pain moving throuh his body like disbelief began to move through mine - until horror took its place.

we so much need this man to care lovingly for our country and for us right now. we need to be healed in all ways from the past 8 years. i want him to remain healthy and able, ready to share his amazing energy and light. the prayer that i will put out into this universe is that he is always kept safe.

Kay Dennison

Yes, it's shades of good man who died for his country. I am concerned with what I am seeing from the neocons (I won't call them conservatives because true conservatives aren't like that and I know that Barry Goldwater would be ashamed) in the media -- more venom; no easing of nastiness and hate messages -- and I am worried for Obama. The continued hate could incite some things I don't even want to think about.

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