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November 04, 2008



Thanks so much for all these comments! I'm still feeling so happy - one week later!


we did it! such peacefulness and contentment on wednesday after the thrill and passion of the evening evolved into a quiet and comforting reality. we have a long way to go, a challenging journey ahead, many very difficult bumps to navigate. but, anything is possible when we believe, when we work together in a concerted, hopeful, and determined way. we have effective leadership in the making, we are dedicated to a common goal. healing begins in the open hand of unity reaching out for us all. the world rejoices with us.

we are on our way...

H.A.  Page

I was first in line and up early, early, to be there. But this is Santa Fe and the second person didn't show up until 45 minutes before the polls opened.

I was out of there in ten minutes.


Congratulations! We did it. I'm still filled up with emotion.


All I can say is: President Barack Obama!

Am so excited to find all of you here at my site celebrating this amazing moment with me! Thank you so much for bearing with my tirades, hopes and dreams these past months - and for sharing your comments. I have a feeling we are in for a great ride! It's *our* turn now!

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