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November 04, 2008



I can't stop watching that wonderful speech in Chicago.


Congratulations; we stayed awake all night like two kids watching the results come in. When we realised that Barack had won, we were cheering; the cats were a little bemused at why the humans were awake and making noise I think. Wonderful, just wonderful. Am so full of joy and excitement it's hard to coherently type anything. Big Hugs


Yea! We did it!


YAY!! I'm waiting for Leah to get out of school so I can take her with me to vote. The only downer in our state is the likely passage of the hateful Proposition 8. But what a great day! My sister and her husband were invited to the VIP section at tonight's huge rally in Chicago. They're sitting in the same row as Al Gore and Oprah and are taking their two sons (12 and 8) to witness history firsthand. Woo-hoo!! You were the first die-hard Obama supporter that I ever knew and I remember at the beginning how disheartened you were because you didn't think he could win in this country. You must be dancing through the aisles of your plane. (Of course I will breathe easier once the election is called!)


Whooo hooo! Good for you--wish I'd remembered to bring a camera when I voted early, in an attempt to shed some of this pre-election insanity.

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