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November 26, 2008



Good point, ainelivia. I give thanks for my therapist who helped me see that, in many respects, I am thankful for the adults from my childhood too!
Thank you so much for stopping by to comment!


And I am thankful for you too Tamar. I like no 6, I laughed with some recognition at that, though I am in many respects grateful to that "adult" too. (As well as to my long-suffering therapist)

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.

Kay Dennison

A lovely post from a lovely friend!

I got tagged with that meme and posted it last week. It was fun to do.



I'm humbled to have been so much in your thoughts as you composed your Thanksgiving post.

Thank you for acknowledging me and thank you for your friendship and thank you for the nuggets that you mine here and so generously share!

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