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November 27, 2008



That is SO cool that they captured your airport reunion with Gilad. I could watch such meetings all day long in airports, I find them so moving--how fun to see people I actually know!

Hope you had a fabulous Thanksgiving--and thanks for the gratitude in the previous post, which I return to you tenfold.


We made all the trimmings etc. just for the three of us. It was delightful! Sometimes I just like a quiet evening with a few people I love.

The leading in this post was an accident! I had already published this post but could not change the title when I decided to, so I copied and pasted it from the original form and it came out like this! I will probably communicate with Typepad folks about the hows and whys...


That's a great video, Tamar! My boys are far and wide today... one in Hawaii and one at the Grand Canyon, of all places. We enjoyed Thanksgiving as if we'd have a house-full, made the turkey and all the trimmings, but in the end there were just the two of us at the feast. Ah well, plenty to be grateful for anyway.
* * *
Question: the leading in this post is different. The lines are closer together. How did that happen? I like the tighter look in longer posts, so whatever you did, I hope you'll keep doing it!


Aw, Tamar.

Thank you for the link below :-)

And you completely ruined my Grinch-like Thanksgiving post, since I just had to link to your video.

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