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January 01, 2009



I bought a book of poetry in the airport on the way home! I haven't read poetry in such a long while. It was wonderful. It is interesting what interests people. Everyone unique in what "turns them on." Am not at all sure about the validity of the theory about grieving and not reading fiction. Most of these kinds of theories relate to the people who create them. However, I thought it was interesting because there seems to be some connection with when I started to lose interest in novels. I will explore it further as the days and months go by, because, am still not yet inclined towards choosing to read a novel versus non-fiction!

Yes, I find it difficult to focus on anything when I am in mourning. I know what you mean. Hopefully my little angel statue will remind me to allow child-like joy into my life!

Happy New Year!

Kay Dennison

Your angel is lovely!!!!

When I was grieving, I didn't read -- period. I was paralyzed with regard to things that gave me joy. I do understand and I am delighted that you have come so far.

Happy New Year!!!!!!!!


i will have to think about this in relation to my own life. i am a non-fiction reader, too. seems like i have been all my life. i loved biographies even as a child. then i learned that fiction is so often the lightly covered up truth of someone's life. but still i loved non-fiction! eventually i came to see that biographies are simply the tale of the writer and may or may not be fully authentic in content. so i began to read more than one biography about the subject when possible for objectivity and a broader perspective.

i read historical fiction and enjoy it. then there is fiction such as pat conroy writes which is more than loosely based on his life. i have enjoyed his books. but i still prefer memoirs, journals, diaries, letters, and biographies with a bit of poetry tossed in for good measure.

i love your angel with the bluebirds - such joy is captured!

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